About us

Ar Arquitectos

AR ARQUITECTOS is a real estate developer focused on innovation. Team with years of experience in the field, led by young people with innovative ideas that seek to achieve a momentous change.

Its products go through high standards of constructive and architectural quality. This, added to the eco-friendly approach provided by the company, results in attractive projects guided by the latest international trends.

Alonso Reaño

Alonso is the CEO of AR ARQUITECTOS, leader of a group of exceptional professionals focused on the development of architectural projects, construction and real estate management. He is a Peruvian Architect and Urban Planner with deep experience in the real estate sector. Millennial with innovative ideas and disruptive approaches.

Graduated from the Catholic University of Peru with a Postgraduate Degree from the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences


AR ARQUITECTOS was born as an architecture company in 2015. It was founded by the architect Alonso Reaño. Since its inception it had a multidisciplinary approach managed by a team of architects, engineers, urban planners and economists. He has extensive experience in design, construction and management of real estate projects.

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